"Cerpath" Discussion List

The aim of the "Cerpath" discussion list is to exchange information on cereal diseases. Posts about diseases of other plants are also accepted, especially if they might be useful for cereal researchers. The "Cerpath" list superseded the former 'rust-mil' list created by Dr. James Brown.

The "Cerpath" discussion list is operated on a dedicated list server at INRA, Jouy-en-Josas (France). Joining the "Cerpath" discussion list is totally free of charge but registration is required. In order to avoid flooding of the list by unwanted bulk email (aka spam), only registered members are allowed to post and read messages. Moreover, the "Cerpath" list is moderated y a human being, so that off-topic and misdirected personal messages do not reach the list. Subscribers' email adresses will never be forwarded to any third party. The subscribers' database shall be used only by the list server administrator and the "Cerpath" list administrator, for management purpose only.

All queries about the "Cerpath" discussion list, including registration queries, are to be sent to the administrator/moderator of the list, Ivan Sache <sache@grignon.inra.fr>. Messages for the discussion list are to be sent to <cerpath@listes.inra.fr>.